Roof Maintenance

Periodic inspections and proper maintenance are key elements to extending the life of your roof system …

Keeping a roof clean does more than just make your home look great, it extends the life of your roof.

The build-up of debris on your roof can accelerate the deterioration of the materials. Leaves, moss, droppings, dirt, debris, ponding water, or backed up gutters and scuppers all contribute to the weakening and breakdown of your roof surface.

Keeping your roof clear of debris will not only extend the life of your roof, but assure that your manufacturer’s warranty will remain valid. Town & Country Roofing offers an annual roof tune-up service: which includes an inspection of your roofing material, pipes and penetrations, and all metal flashings, all of which may affect the life of your roof.

In addition, we also provide debris removal and basic roof cleaning services.